Former Aston Villa forward Gabby Agbonlahor believes that Liverpool should look to resign Philippe Coutinho.

Agbonlahor said that Coutinho is the type of player Liverpool are missing. With that being the case, he believes that the club should look to bring the Brazilian back to Anfield.

However, Agbonlahor added that Coutinho would probably have to apologise to Liverpool for the way he left the club back in 2018.

Agbonlahor told Stadium Astro (2:59): “For me, I’d go out there and get Coutinho back.

“I’d probably say, ‘you have to apologise for the way you left, but come back’.

“For me, he is what Liverpool are missing in there. You can even play Coutinho where Firmino plays if Firmino isn’t doing it. The way Firmino plays, it looks like he is just told by Mane and Salah. ‘we are having the shots’.

“So, if you went in and bought an Aubameyang. I think that could upset the way Liverpool play because Salah and Mane wouldn’t get as many shots because Firmino is very unselfish – Coutinho needs to be the main man in the team, and at Liverpool, he would be. I think he would do a great job at Liverpool and the fans would forgive him and have him back.”

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I like that Agbonlahor believes that Coutinho should apologise to Liverpool. I personally think Coutinho should apologise even if Liverpool have no interest in resigning him.

There was a period where Coutinho apparently refused to train at Melwood when he heard Barcelona were interested in him. That is very poor behaviour in my opinion.

If it weren’t for Liverpool, Coutinho never would have got the opportunity to play for Barcelona. Liverpool have done a lot for Coutinho, and with that being the case, he should apologise.

There has been nothing to suggest that Liverpool are genuinely interested in resigning the Brazilian. With that being the case, I don’t expect to see Coutinho playing for Liverpool again.

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