Trent Alexander-Arnold told the press that he is open to moving into midfield if that’s what Jurgen Klopp decides is best for the team.

After Jamie Carragher claimed that TAA could become Liverpool’s own Kevin De Bruyne by creating chances for the Reds from a wide midfield position on the right, the fullback responded.

He told the media: “Obviously I’m a defender first and foremost, then I want to try and help the team create chances.

“For now the manager has decided I’m a right back. That’s where I’ll play. I’m really not fussed where I play. I just want to play football.

Trent Alexander-Arnold.

“If a manager decides to use me in midfield, or as a centre-back or a striker then that’s where I’ll play.”

Personally, I believe it would make more sense for Alexander-Arnold to continue developing as an attacking right back as there aren’t many fullbacks in the world as good as him.

He’s already the best right back in the Premier League where on the other hand he might not stand out as much in midfield given the number of top-class midfielders available these days.

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