Tammy Abraham has unsurprisingly claimed that Virgil van Dijk is the best defender he has faced in his fledgeling career.

“He’s a beast,” declared Abraham. “He’s just good at what he does. He’s experienced.  I try to do a little… I try to use my tricks in my head but his understanding of the game is top drawer.

“It is to do with little things. Movement. My movement in the box, some defenders don’t pay attention to me — they are only focused on the ball.

“With him, it’s kind of both, he’s paying attention to me and the ball, knows where I am, knows where I want to go, follows me.

Virgil van Dijk

“It’s quite annoying for a striker – just leave me alone!”

Liverpool top the 2019/20 Premier League table and their position has a lot to do with the graceful quality of Virgil van Dijk, who has once again shown this season that he’s the best in the world.

Tammy Abraham himself has been impressive this season, scoring 8 goals in 8 games to top the goalscoring charts alongside Sergio Aguero.

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