Striker Fidel O’Rourke has signed his first professional contract with Liverpool.

The club announced yesterday that the 18-year-old signed a contract with the Reds. O’Rourke has been at the club since the under-14’s and he has not looked back since.

That particular statement can be backed up by the fact that he has now signed his first professional contract.

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I think it is great when a local player signs a professional contract with the club. It is always special to see someone who grew up in the area play for Liverpool’s first XI.

Seeing the club sign a foreign player is always nice, but it is not the same as seeing someone come through the academy and play for the first XI.

That is simply because you know that the local lad understands the club, as they have grown up around it since they were a child.

I have got a buzz from watching Steven Gerrard and Trent Alexander-Arnold play in my lifetime. Why? Because they are local lads.

There is no guarantee O’Rourke will play for Liverpool’s first XI, but now that he has signed a professional contract with the club, he has certainly given himself a chance to do so.

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