According to statistician Simon Brundish, Liverpool would accumulate just 61 points over the course of a 38-game season if Jon Moss and Martin Atkinson officiated all their games. 

It seems like all that Liverpool fans can talk about at the moment is the performance of a referee from week to week which shouldn’t be the case when the Reds have won 10 out of 11 Premier League games this season.

Yet, with Martin Atkinson seemingly unable to make a correct (or unbiased) call these days, Liverpool are seemingly at the mercy of officials with calls not going their way at crucial times.

The 48-year-old referee made a huge error at Old Trafford two weeks ago which saw Manchester United take points off Liverpool while Atkinson and his VAR team called Roberto Firmino offside and failed to award a penalty for a handball from Bjorn Engels.


Thankfully, Michael Oliver, who is widely believed to be the best referee in England, is set to take charge of Sunday’s monumental fixture at Anfield as Manchester City are set to visit Merseyside.

The game will play a huge role in deciding the way the Premier League title race shapes up heading into the festive fixture list with Liverpool already six points clear of the Sky Blues.

A win will extend their lead to nine points while a defeat will see it halved to just three points which is a dangerously slim advantage for Klopp’s side to take into the hectic December schedule.

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5 Responses

  1. Billious

    Oliver May be better than Atkinson and Moss but he will still be hard on Liverpool because the officials are all mates, all in the same union and Merseyside haters.

  2. kevin

    Martin Atkinson is not capable of refereeing a children’s game of under 10’s so why they let him anywhere near the premiership i am amazed.
    He is a clueless idiot who should be banned completely from the football field, send him to the China or Qatar league as far away as possible.

  3. Karen

    It sad to think even after watching it 2 or 3 times they still can’t get it right which it sad and show how bad they are and should take it as a time to retire now

  4. The Liverpool conquering mancunian

    Ah yes , I’m sure we should take a bunch of Liverpool fans’ word for who is the “best” ref in England , because it’s not going to be biased considering the fact that Oliver has consistently given Liverpool penalties for the most idiotic of “fouls”. Because why not ?


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