A video of Jurgen Klopp and Virgil van Dijk sharing a special moment in Madrid after the Champions League final has surfaced.

The pair shares an emotional look before bear-hugging each other after the conclusion of a hugely significant season.

For van Dijk, winning the Champions League represented tangible proof that he is worth every penny that Liverpool paid to Southampton to sign him after a season where he was night and day the best central defender on the planet.

For Klopp, it proved to the world that he is a world class manager and ended his bogey run in Champions League finals after losing one with Borussia Dortmund and one with Liverpool the previous season.

The German manager personally convinced van Dijk to join Liverpool over Manchester City and Chelsea and his decision to move to Anfield had proven to be an inspired one.

He would have been guaranteed silverware at the Etihad but proved to the world that he loves a challenge and radically transformed the way Liverpool defend.

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