“I’m confident we can do it, we’re going to try to do everything to win all six games. We know it won’t be easy but everything is possible,” he told Liverpoolfc.com.

“Every single player is even more motivated at this stage of the competition, because we only have one target: to win trophies.

“We are in two different competitions, the Premier League and Champions League, and we want to win both of them. We’re going to give everything to get it.

“Personally, I’m sure all the boys are very relaxed; you can see in the training sessions and in the dressing room everybody is relaxed and laughing – but with motivation and determination in their eye.

“Pressure never helps. Of course, in football sometimes it’s normal. Our main target is to win the league and the Champions League because we have the quality in the team and the staff, the club is amazing.

“If we don’t win it, we’ll keep going next season. Pressure will never help us, so why should we make pressure for ourselves?”

He added: “To be honest, everybody knows our target now. I would love to win all of the games even 1-0 and at the end of the season we win the Premier League – that’s the most important thing for every single player.”

“And not only the players, but all Liverpool Football Club [fans] around the world want this trophy. So, that is the most important thing now.”

And on his return to Southampton, he added: “I enjoy every single game. It’s my ex-club so I know it’s a different situation – but in a positive way. It doesn’t change anything; I will go there and try to give everything with my teammates to win there.”