A Nike concept kit has been produced which brings back memories of Liverpool’s FA Cup final victory over Arsenal back in 2001.

The Reebok kit Liverpool wore on the day is very similar to the concept kit below, which is designed by @ThorneInUrSide. The colour scheme is very alike.

Similar to the Reebok design, the concept kit is not exactly yellow, as it looks somewhat orange on the eye.

The logos are black on the concept kit. The design also possesses a black trim around the sleeves and the collar.

The Reebok design possessed logos which were a very dark blue. The same can be said in regards to the trim on the sleeves and the collar.

However, the shade of the blue is almost black, which makes the Reebok design and the concept kit look similar.

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@ThorneInUrSide has created a concept kit which is an absolute beauty.

This concept kit brings back memories of success for me. I can still picture Michael Owen scoring two goals to beat Arsenal 2-1 in the 2001 FA Cup final wearing the Reebok version of this kit.

Liverpool have never really worn a kit that is this colour since 2001. Liverpool have worn yellow kits after 2001, but those designs were a bright yellow instead.

I prefer the colour scheme used in the concept kit created by @ThorneInUrSide in comparison to the bright yellow kits Liverpool have worn after 2001, as it simply looks better on both the players and the supporters.

Kits simply possess a stronger look when the colour scheme is darker.

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