Liverpool centre-back Dejan Lovren has liked a tweet from former footballer Mikael Silvestre.

Carragher recently stated on Sky Sports that Arsenal defender David Luiz may not play in the Premier League again due to his performance against Manchester City midweek.

Silvestre clearly did not like what Carragher had to say. With that being the case, Silvestre took to Twitter to take aim at the former Liverpool defender. Lovren decided to like Silvestre’s tweet.

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I don’t understand why Lovren would bother. The centre-back gains nothing from liking that particular tweet.

I can only assume that Carragher has critisised Lovren at some point this season. Perhaps Lovren did not like what Carragher said about him, which is why he potentially liked the tweet. But, as a pundit, Carragher’s job is to give his honest opinion.

It is common knowledge that Carragher is a respected figure at Liverpool. He played 737 matches for the club.

With that being the case, it would be fair to assume that Liverpool supporters are more likely to take Carragher’s side instead of Lovren’s.

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