An outstanding black and orange Liverpool Nike concept kit has been produced by graphic designer @geniusarts_.

The kit is predominantly black, but it contains orange logos. The trim on the sleeves is also orange.

On Anfield Watch, we have showcased a few black and gold Nike concept designs.

I thought at the time black and gold was the best colour scheme for a Liverpool change kit, however, I think black and orange might look even better.

This concept design created by @geniusarts_ is absolutely stunning. It reminds me a lot of the away kit that Adidas created for Wolverhampton Wanderers this season. That is simply because of the colour scheme.

Despite supporting the Reds, I have always admired the kits that Wolves have worn in recent seasons, which means that I would have no problem if a black and orange kit were produced for Liverpool.

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PHOTO: White, grey, red and black Liverpool Nike concept kit

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