World-leading sports marketing advisor Tim Crow told the Liverpool ECHO that Nike are the favourites to land the Reds’ new kit deal.

“So, I think even if it is found in favour of New Balance you might see a situation where Liverpool pay to get out [of that contract].

That depends on what is in the contract, but it is by no means unprecedented, that is what happened with Chelsea.

It obviously does massively depend on what the detail on the contract is.

“If the court finds that New Balance have an automatic right to renew then obviously that makes it very difficult and then you would see a situation where if they are very much of the mind that Nike is for them, then I think you would see a situation where they would want to pay to get out of it.”

Liverpool are looking to close the financial gap that exists particularly with the Manchester clubs and the best way to do this is to find a partner like Nike that can offer expansion in the Asian and American markets.

The Reds are currently the best English team both domestically and in Europe and to ensure that this period of dominance continues for as long as possible, the club is looking to put into places structures that will make growth the natural course of action.

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