Nike senior director Heidi Burgett has stated that Liverpool supporters will get to enjoy a brand new look next season in regards to the kits.

This comment has come after a Liverpool supporter on Twitter questioned why Nigeria’s kits, which are created by Nike, look so unique in comparison to the other kits Nike produce for the other teams.

@LFCOffside said: “I don’t know how Nigeria keep getting kits that are a billion times better than the rest of Nike’s templated bull**** but here’s hoping whoever’s doing it for them is in charge of Liverpool’s 20-21 kit.”

Burgett responded: “We’re ditching the templates. For the 2020 kits, Nike designers had 65 chassis options available to them across varying necklines, sleeves, cuffs, badge placement, etc.

“From hand-drawn prints to custom fonts, each team’s look will be its own.”

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Liverpool, New Balance.

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This is huge news for Liverpool supporters. There were fears that Nike would follow the same template that they use for the other teams.

As they are template kits, they all look very similar. One of the key reasons why New Balance had success at Liverpool was because they tried to make each kit look unique and link it back to the past.

It is good to hear Nike will try and create something unique themselves, rather than following their template.

Nike, who’s kit deal with the Reds officially starts as of June 1 2020, have a bit of pressure on them to deliver. There is plenty of hype surrounding this kit deal, and there is no denying that they would like to get off to a good start. The opportunity for Nike to create something special is there.

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