West Brom manager Slaven Bilic has had his say on the recent ‘selfish’ spat between Jurgen Klopp and Chris Wilder.

Things have become heated in recent days over Jurgen Klopp’s regular calls for five substitutes to be allowed to be made in the Premier League, as well as criticism of the TV scheduling.

Indeed, that drew remarks from Wilder to label the German a ‘world-class politician’ and ‘selfish’ for only being interested in Liverpool, with Klopp then returning the same description after the 1-1 draw with Brighton.

Certainly, you can forgive each manager for only being interested in the club they are in charge of and that is where these comments have ultimately stemmed from, with Bilic trying to make that point.

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Speaking after West Brom narrowly beat Sheffield United in the Premier League, the Croatian explained – via Teamtalk:

“We are all selfish, but not in a negative way. You have a responsibility to do the job. The responsibility is to find what you can do for your club better.

“Klopp is also selfish from that point of view, wanting the best for his club. But he is not the only one. I understand Chris Wilder, the difference between three subs and five subs is a big advantage when we play those big clubs.”


There is a genuine repsect between Wilder and Klopp, we have seen that in past interviews when the two sides have met, but neither is a man to back down from their point and it has become a little bit spiky in recent days.

Whether we see the five sub rule return, meanwhile, is up for debate.

You can see the argument for player welfare first and foremost but, at the same time, the smaller clubs obviously feel at a disadvantage if it comes in and, with that stance in mind, you can’t see it being voted through right now.

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