With Liverpool recently announcing a multi-year kit deal with Nike, a variety of concept kits have been created by some talented people.

However, the deal that has been struck between Liverpool and Nike was not a straightforward one. Liverpool’s suppliers for the 2019-20 season, New Balance, took the club to court over a renewal clause in their contract late last year.

Having had success producing Liverpool’s kits over recent seasons, New Balance were looking to stay on as the kit supplier for the club.

However, Liverpool were looking to part ways due to the offer (five-year deal) Nike had presented. The club won the dispute, which meant Liverpool were able to freely sign with Nike last week.

Liverpool will reportedly earn a flat fee of £30 million a year from Nike. The deal will start June 1, 2020. Below is another set of concept kits that have been developed.

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The kits in the image above look sensational. Whether the kits Nike are developing look anything like this is hard to tell at the moment, however, this does provide hope that Nike could produce something somewhat similar.

New Balance were quite successful in terms of the kits they created for Liverpool. They were unique, but there is no denying Nike could take the kit designs up another level for the club.

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