Liverpool Football Club have recently signed a new kit deal with Nike, which means there is plenty of excitement in regards to what the kits will look like for next season.

Nike have stated that the Anfield faithful will get to enjoy a brand new look next season, as they are ditching the templates.

Nike senior director Heidi Burgett has stated: “We’re ditching the templates. For the 2020 kits, Nike designers had 65 chassis options available to them across varying necklines, sleeves, cuffs, badge placement, etc.”

There have been plenty of concept kits posted online as a result of Liverpool’s new deal with Nike. However, this new concept design produced by @zie_daen is arguably the best thus far.

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The combination of black and gold works very well, and the kit looks very similar to New Balance’s 2018-19 home goalkeeper kit.

It will be difficult to find any Liverpool supporter turning down the idea of Nike producing a black and gold kit. The concept version looks absolutely superb.

There is plenty of hype surrounding this new kit deal which Liverpool have signed. That does mean that Nike will be looking to get off to a good start.

More information is bound to be released soon, which you will be able to find on Anfield Watch.

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