The Mirror’s David Maddock has revealed that the reason for Liverpool not signing Nabil Fekir was his personality which Jurgen Klopp was not impressed by.

“I think his greatest quality is to find the right personalities,” Maddock told Sky Sports. “People have overlooked this.

“They nearly signed Nabil Fekir from Lyon last summer and in the end the reason they didn’t sign him was not because of the injury – and he did have an injury, which was a problem but they could have done the deal.

“There were other problems: he got his brother involved, began demanding more money, wouldn’t speak to the Liverpool people. Klopp was like, ‘we can’t have that personality in our squad’.”

Nabil Fekir.

Liverpool have not lost sleep on Fekir after winning the Champions League and finishing on 97 points in the Premier League in 2018/19.

The Frenchman might have added something special to the Reds’ lineup but if what Maddock says about his personality and attitude is true, he might have been bad for the squad.

Of course there’s no way of knowing but given how boss Liverpool have been without Fekir, there is really no point of wasting any energy on imagining how it would have been if he had joined.

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