Michael Oliver has been appointed as the match official for the huge game against Man City on Sunday evening and Liverpool fans are relieved.

The Reds have been the victim of some really poor refereeing calls over the last few weeks and this has made the fanbase rather insecure when it comes to the Premier League announcing the referees for each game.

Martin Atkinson was in charge of VAR during Liverpool’s win over Aston Villa but the home side almost won the game after Roberto Firmino was declared offside for a goal that was clearly onside while a penalty wasn’t awarded in the second half.

Given how tense and tight the game against Manchester City will be, it’s imperative that the officials referee the game as fairly as possible to avoid giving either side an unfair advantage in the Premier League title race.

Since being introduced at the start of the season, VAR has gone from bad to worse as each week passes with fresh controversy. The common consensus is that the issue isn’t with the technology but rather with the personnel charged with operating it as Atkinson proved at the weekend.

If properly used, VAR has the potential to make the game as fair as possible as well as allow sides the peace of mind required to play with freedom instead of being fearful that the technology will disadvantage them at key intervals.

Liverpool head into the City clash with a six-point lead and will be hopeful of increasing that gap to nine points.

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