Liverpool centre-back Virgil van Dijk suffered a knee injury in the Merseyside derby back in October.

It was originally reported that the injury that Van Dijk sustained at Goodison Park could end his 2020-21 season.

That could still be the case, but it has recently been reported that Van Dijk has begun light recovery training.

Anfield Edition’s Twitter account relayed the aforementioned news. With that being the case, plenty of Liverpool supporters decided to respond to Anfield Edition’s tweet regarding Van Dijk’s fitness.

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It is great to hear that Van Dijk is making some progress with his recovery. The Dutchman had surgery only three weeks ago.

A few Liverpool supporters suggested above that it would be for the best if Van Dijk did not play another match for the 2020-21 season.

We actually agree. It would be fair to assume that if Van Dijk got himself in a position to play again at some point this season, it would not be until the backend of the campaign.

It is common knowledge that knee ligament injuries take time to recover from.

We would rather see Van Dijk complete his rehabilitation properly so that he is 100 percent fit when he plays for Liverpool again. We don’t want to see the Dutchman rushed back.

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