The relationship between Liverpool and New Balance is coming to an end, as Nike look set to sign a five-year deal with the Anfield club.

Liverpool’s current suppliers, New Balance, took the club to court over a renewal clause in their contract late last year.

New Balance were looking to stay on as Liverpool’s kit supplier, but the club were looking to part ways due to the offer Nike had presented.

Liverpool won the dispute, which means a deal is set to be struck with Nike. When a club signs a new kit manufacturer deal, it is an exciting time for the fans.

With that, there is inevitably leaked kits floating around online ahead of the 2020-21 season. We have decided to put an article together which provides an update on what the kits may look like going by what Footy Headlines have suggested thus far.

Originally, a colour scheme for the home, away, and third kit was released. The home kit is a slightly brighter shade of red compared to New Balance’s kits in recent times.

The away kit is a turquoise green and certainly has potential. Liverpool’s bright kits in recent seasons have not been too bad at all.

The third kit is black, and as time has passed, more information has been released regarding what it will look like.

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Footy Headlines have provided an update on the kit, which shows a black checker pattern and pink logos.

As time progresses we will have more updates on the kits, but if the colour scheme is anything to go by, these kits certainly have promise.

In saying that, New Balance were quite successful during their stint, meaning Nike does have a bit of pressure on them to deliver.

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