At the end of March current second place holders take on Tottenham who are currently sat just behind them in third with Arsenal and Manchester United snapping at their heels. looks back at the team’s performance to see who might come out on top in this match.

Tottenham will be playing away and are currently 12 points behind Arsenal so look unlikely to unseat them from third position, even a win would not really help them in this case. Over the last five matches, they have been on something of a downer losing three, drawing one and winning their game against Dortmund in the Champions League. The team lost to Southampton 2-1 in their Premier League meeting, and with their opponents sat at 16th on the table this was a game they really should have walked through.

It is a touch ironic that they were able to play so well in the Champions League match and yet bomb out when it came to their Premier League meeting. Tottenham has never won the Premier League in its current form, and the last time they won the First Division league was way back in 1961, it looks unlikely at this stage that they will make history this year either.

Liverpool is playing a much stronger game at the moment with three wins and two draws in the last five matches. They took a 3-1 victory from Bayern in an away game and beat Burnley 4-2 at home at the weekend. Before they take on Tottenham, they will play Fulham on Sunday the 17th and are tipped to win this match quite comfortably. They are just one point behind current title holders Manchester City and have been playing a game of swaps over first and second place. They have the title in their sites, and if they can best City this season, it will be the first time that they have lifted the cup since 1990, a massive 28, nearly 29 years ago.

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Of course, it was not the Premier League as we know it then, but the First Division. Coming so close this season they are certainly going to be watching themselves to make sure there are no last-minute schoolboy errors as they have a Premier League title in their sites. Last season they finished in third, and the 16/17 season claimed second, so this could be the year their fortunes change.

As it stands at the moment only Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Blackburn and Leicester have won the Premier League in the current format since it began in 1992. So when these two teams meet at the end of the month the smart money will be on Liverpool to take a win, which depending on Manchester City’s matches between now and then could propel them back to the top of the table, although it is worth noting that City has not lost their last five games and are looking very strong.

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