Liverpool are exceeding expectations this season. Having put together an impressive run, Klopp’s men finally have fans believing that their title drought could soon be over.

Topping the table with 19 wins under their belt, they’ve certainly set themselves up for a successful second half of the season. This is the time when every fan wants to watch them live. And for those looking for luxurious options, the matchday experience can be enhanced to another level.

So what are the options?

Well, there are a number of Liverpool hospitality packages to choose from. To help you choose the best one for you, here’s a quick comparison.

Liverpool Hospitality Packages Comparison

Although every hospitality package has its own perks, some would suit your needs better than the others.

To help you find the best package for you, we have listed and compared some popular options:

1. The 1892 Lounge

Keeping the heritage of Liverpool FC alive, the 1892 lounge swings between the rich history and the bright future of football at Anfield.

Another great thing, it’s recently been refurbished.

The perks of picking the 1892 lounge are as follows.

  • Welcome drink and sandwiches
  • Main stand seat offering sublime views of the pitch
  • Four-course meal
  • Enjoy house wine, soft drinks and beer at the complimentary bar
  • Matchday gift
  • Refreshments at half-time and post-match

For the fans coming in groups looking forward to having an amazing matchday experience, this is one fine deal.

2. Dugout

Strictly available to home supporters, Dugout is a great place to be on matchday.

Whether you visit with guests or family, it will never fail to entertain you.

Also, it is often visited by former Liverpool FC players, which makes it a good option to go for.

A package in the Dugout includes:.

  • Pre-match: complimentary street food stalls
  • Cash bar before and after the game
  • Drinks available at half-time: house wine, beer and soft drinks
  • Match seats in middle tier of Main Stand
  • Former Liverpool FC players in attendance
  • Complimentary match day programme

If you are a hardcore fan of Liverpool FC and want to be surrounded by other fans of your club, this is the right package for you.

3. Chemistry Lounge

For every fan looking for an unmatched matchday experience along with superior hospitality and great food, this is the perfect deal.

Chemistry lounge is specifically positioned to offer great views of the match. So, you can enjoy all the action on the field along with the food and an amazing hospitality experience.

If you go with the Chemistry Lounge Liverpool hospitality package, you’ll enjoy the following perks.

  • Match seats in the Main Stand with walk-through access
  • Welcome drinks
  • 4-course lunch
  • Post-match complimentary drinks: beer, wine and soft drinks
  • Refreshments served at half-time and after the game
  • Former Liverpool FC players in attendance
  • Complimentary matchday programme
  • In-lounge betting facilities
  • Satellite TV broadcasting early kick-off, match highlights and post-match presentations.

Also, this one allows fans to get in touch with old football players. All-in-all, this lounge provides an experience no fan would want to miss.

4. Sevens Lounge

Another popular option for hardcore Liverpool fans at Anfield is the Sevens lounge.

Basically if you want to enjoy the pre-match discussions and post match celebrations with your friends or colleagues along with a brilliant matchday experience, this is your pick. In this package, you get lounge access 3 hours prior to the match and then for another hour after the match is over.

And that’s not where it ends. There is a number of other attractive perks too. Here’s a list for the same.

  • Match seats in the lower centenary stand
  • Four-course buffet
  • Refreshments at half time and after the final whistle
  • Complimentary match day programme
  • In-lounge betting facilities
  • Cash bar available pre-match and after the game
  • Satellite TV broadcasting match highlights and post-match presentations
  • One car park pass per 4 seats booked
  • Free high speed Wi-Fi

For every fan who’s looking forward to enjoying great hospitality with an unmatched matchday experience, we listed some of the finest hospitality packages at Anfield. To know more you can also checkout the list of hospitality events at Anfield.

Still wondering which package to pick? Share and discuss this post with your other football buds. It’ll help. 

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