Throw-in coach Thomas Gronnemark has signed a new deal with Liverpool Football Club.

Gronnemark announced on Twitter that he had agreed terms with the Reds. Gronnemark’s new contract lasts until the end of the 2020-21 season.

Gronnemark stated that he had interest from other clubs. Gronnemark arrived at Liverpool in 2018.

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Pundit Andy Gray could not understand why Liverpool hired a throw-in coach back in 2018. He mocked Liverpool for hiring Gronnemark.

“I know how you can take advantage of a situation, throw it to one of your own players,” Gray told the Mirror.

“That would be No.1. No.2. Keep hold of the ball. Maybe we are going to see Andy Robertson do a headstand and take it.

“Here is a lesson. Pick the ball up, take it behind your head, throw it to a teammate and keep both feet on the ground.

“I have got a new one. I want to be the first kick-off coach.”

However, Reds boss Jurgen Klopp has stated that Gronnemark has had a big impact at Liverpool.

If Klopp thought Gronnemark would not improve Liverpool, then he would never have hired him back in 2018.

Klopp also would not have given Gronnemark a contract extension if he was doing a poor job.

Whatever Gronnemark is doing behind the scenes, it must be impressing Klopp and company.

People like Gray can say what they want. The reality is, Klopp is a Champions League and Premier League winner.

Klopp’s opinion matters more.

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