Liverpool will receive £36.5million for finishing second in the Premier League this season, according to the Express.

The Reds did all they could to win the title but fell just short on the final day despite beating Wolves 2-0.

However, Jurgen Klopp’s side still came away with a sizeable cash sum for their second-place finish, with a windfall only slightly less than that received by City, who pocked £38.4million on the final day.

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Chelsea and Tottenham were the two other sides who made up the top four, with Arsenal and Manchester United occupying the Europa League positions (though Arsenal could still claim a Champions League spot if they beat Chelsea in the final).

Huddersfield, Fulham and Cardiff were all relegated before the final day.

Premier League teams were allotted the following prize money for their respective finishing positions in the table:

  1. Manchester City – £38.4million
  2. Liverpool – £36.5m
  3. Chelsea – £34.6m
  4. Tottenham – £32.6m
  5. Arsenal – £30.7m
  6. Manchester United – £28.8m
  7. Wolves – £26.9m
  8. Everton – £25m
  9. Leicester – £23.1m
  10. West Ham – £21.1m
  11.  Watford – £19.2m
  12. Crystal Palace – £17.3m
  13. Newcastle – £15.4m
  14. Bournemouth – £13.4m
  15. Burnley – £11.5m
  16. Southampton – £9.6m
  17. Brighton – £7.7m
  18. Cardiff – £5.8m
  19. Fulham – £3.8m
  20. Huddersfield – £1.9m

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