Liverpool lost to Napoli in the Champions League on Tuesday evening and the Mirror reports that the Reds were impressed by Fabian Ruiz.

Last week, Calciomercato claimed that the Reds were interested in the Spaniard and after coming face to face with the former Real Betis star, most Liverpool fans will agree that the midfielder is very classy.

The Mirror also adds that Real Madrid and Barcelona are keen on Ruiz but Napoli won’t let him leave cheaply with the Italians ready to demand at least €70m in the hopes a bidding war increases that price.

While Ruiz is well known for his tricky ability on the ball, what was most impressive about his performance against Liverpool was the use of his wiry frame to protect the ball and ride challenges from the Reds’ midfielders.

Fabian Ruiz.

Liverpool’s midfield would be perfectly suited to a player of Ruiz’s ability and talents but whether or not Jurgen Klopp would be ready to lump £62m+ to acquire his services is remain to be seen.

The Mirror’s report seems opportunistic after Calciomercato’s claims last week and the clash between Liverpool and Napoli on Tuesday because there isn’t any new information in their report.

Given that the Reds would only likely make a move to sign Ruiz in 2020, there is still a long time until we’ll find out whether there is any truth to these claims.

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