Bernardo Silva has been given an extension on his response to charges levelled at him over allegedly racist content posted on social media.

The Portuguese midfielder shared a picture of Benjamin Mendy on Twitter and compared it to a racist caricature from an advert for a Spanish food product called ‘Conguitos.’

Mendy wrote on Twitter that he did not take offence to the joke but the post made by Silva breached regulations upheld by the Football Association.

Benjamin Mendy and Bernardo Silva.

The Manchester City star originally had until Wednesday 9 October to respond to the charge but has had an extension granted which means he now has until October 21st to respond.

Whether or not Silva is banned as a result of his social media transgression could have a huge impact on the Premier League title race as Liverpool face their rivals at Anfield on the 10th of November.

Silva was the best player on the pitch when City beat the Reds at the Etihad last season in the game which essentially saw them beat Jurgen Klopp’s side to the title.

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  1. Alphonso Izzett

    You really are desperate to sneak any advantage and seriously, you don’t need be, you have a very fine squad and are an excellent footballing team. I take exception to the following, and I quote,

    ” and compared it to a racist caricature from an advert for a Spanish food product called ‘Conguitos.’”

    That is a very unfair statement that the marketing dept of Conguitos could justifiably consider libellous. The caricature in question is a long standing and much loved,recognisable, brand identity, in the same manner as are the Bisto boy, the Fairy baby or the Milky Bar kid.

    The caricature is not racist, it is the use of it alongside a photo of the young Ben Mendy that is being judged by the FA on the grounds that it may contravene their rules. Clearly Bernardo did not intend the comparison to be racist, it was intended as a tease, and Ben Mendy did not consider it racist and was not offended by it. They are a pair of friends and both are jokers. All of this is a sad reflection on the superficial knee jerk attitudes to systemic problems of society like racism. Why deal with the real issues like unequal opportunity in education and workplace when you can climb on a soft option target and take cheap shots at the likes of Bernardo Silva?


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