Jurgen Klopp has credited a surprising source for his ability to speak English so fluently – classic sitcom ‘Friends’.

Speaking to BBC 5 Live, the German revealed that watching the hit comedy helped him pick up easy conversational English.

When compared to Matt LeBlanc’s famous character Joey Tribiani the Liverpool boss claimed to be “smarter”, though he admitted to not being quite so smooth a talker.

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“[It was] watching Friends, because it’s easy to understand,” he told BBC 5 Live.

“You try to watch movies, because that’s next, because in movies they speak dialect, stuff like that, and it’s not really well pronounced.

“Trash talk and all this stuff and you have to follow.

“The easiest to follow for Germans in English is Friends. It’s an easy conversation. You can understand pretty much each word pretty early, so that’s why we use that.”

On comparisons to the main characters in the show, Klopp added: “No, no, no, no. I like the girls more than the boys, but I cannot play a girl.

“Joey? Yeah… Unfortunately, I’m a bit smarter than the Joey role but my talk with the girls was never as good as his.

“‘How you doing?’ It was obviously not that easy in my life!”

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