Jurgen Klopp was adamant that Burnley’s first goal in the game at Anfield yesterday shouldn’t have stood.

Reds goalkeeper Alisson was impeded by Burnley’s James Tarkowski as he went to catch the ball from an early corner, allowing Ashley Westwood to score.

And the Liverpool boss believed the goal should have been disallowed.

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“Usually it would have been disallowed,” said Klopp, according to Sky Sports. “Maybe if the referee had a better view, I don’t know exactly. I saw it at the first moment it’s a foul and then you see the pictures and you cannot treat the goalie like this.

“If [referee] Andre Marriner had a better view he probably would have whistled, I think. The referees try everything to whistle at the right moment.

“The good thing is it was early so enough time to react and turn it around, that’s what we did.”

Burnley manager Dyche, however, had a different take on the opening goal.

“I don’t know how it’s judged any more. Are you allowed to touch anyone, are you not allowed to touch anyone? A tough call,” said the Clarets boss.

“If they go against you then you are unhappy, if they go for you then you say it was a good ball in.”

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