Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has revealed what Thomas Tuchel said to him after Chelsea beat the Reds earlier in the week at Anfield by a 1-0 scoreline.

The Blues arrived at Anfield on Thursday night and came away with three points after Mason Mount’s solitary goal proved the difference between the two teams.

It was another difficult night at home for Liverpool, then, but Jurgen Klopp has revealed how Thomas Tuchel told him he couldn’t understand how the Reds had lost as many as they had in recent weeks.

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Speaking ahead of the clash with Fulham, Klopp said:

“I am how I am. I’m not always nice – I would like to be but I’m not. We are loud, we are critical and we are everything so it’s not like you can change from being nice to not being nice or whatever. That’s not how it works.

“From a footballing point of view, yes, we try to adapt but obviously we don’t adapt quick enough otherwise we would have more results – and better results. Again, that’s the criticism we face. We can only do our best and that is how it is and always has been.

“[If] somebody thinks there’s another one [a manager] who can do it better – of course they then have to make that decision – that’s clear. I don’t think that’s the case – not that nobody else can do it better – but I don’t think any of the insiders have that opinion – or at least they haven’t told me that!

“It’s not as if you can change everything – we can change football things, yes – but when we win football games we are not constantly partying, and if we lose, we are not punching each other’s face so it’s not that easy. It’s just somewhere in between. Before a game, you need to find the belief, the optimism and the positivity to go into a game and play, because it’s a game. That’s what we always did – most of the time at least and I saw that in the games. We had our shares in the games, and a big part in the games.

“Last night I spoke with Thomas Tuchel [Chelsea manager] and after the game – based on the analysis they did – he said he didn’t understand how we lost the games we have this season. It’s not hard to explain really – a game you can lose because you performed bad, but you can also lose when you play well. It’s not always been the case [where] the opponent has been much better but because they were lucky and the moments where mistakes have been made. We’ve had all kind of defeats this year.

“Not a lot of performances have been under our ability, but we have lost them clearly. Aston Villa being the clear example – but even then that was a strange game. It makes the situation so complex. It’s not about just changing something and then it works again, we have to adapt to our situation and prepare for our opponents and then still have to play the game.

“In football games, things can happen that are strange and this season a lot of strange things have happened. Very rarely, it has been very positive for us – and that’s it.”


Tuchel has a point, some of the performances haven’t been too bad from Liverpool and there has at least been spells of controlled possession but it is the lack of goals and attacking threat the Reds are currently demonstrating at home that is most concerning at all.

Toothless is a good word to describe it at the moment and a good performance counts for nothing if the ball doesn’t hit the back of the net.

That said, hopefully we can see things change this afternoon with Fulham heading to Anfield.

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