Jurgen Klopp revealed why Liverpool didn’t make a move to sign Philippe Coutinho this summer, hinting that Barcelona’s asking price was too high.

He told the media, as reported by David Maddock, “As weird as it sounds, we could not afford it.”

The reporter then added his own opinion, saying: “Given the loan cost for LFC was £40m total (fee + wage), maybe not so weird.”

While many supporters, myself included would have loved to see Coutinho sign for the club this summer, it made no sense financially to offer the Brazilian a chance to return to Anfield.

Philippe Coutinho.

There’s no denying that Coutinho is a classy player and one that would have improved the Reds buildup play tenfold and while the European champions certainly have enough cash to sign him, Jurgen Klopp’s virtual radio silence in the transfer market suggests he’s lining up a couple of transfers for next summer that he believes to be perfect for the club.

Just as he did with Virgil van Dijk and Alisson Becker, the German will not settle for less even if the consequence is having to make do without a new signing in a certain position.

This approach in the transfer market has led to the Reds being hugely successful over the last few seasons and has set them up to challenge consistently for silverware.

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  1. colin

    why would we love to see a traitor back,i think all the so called journo’s calling for this are just man u fans wanting to derail us,thats the only reason i can think of,plus how can these people be paid to write about football when they havent got a clue.STOP we dont want him.The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was getting barca to pay 142 mill for a dud,we robbed em blind so why would we give up that amount on a 20 – 30 mill player at best


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