Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has discussed the drop-off his Dortmund side faced towards the end of his time there and how it compares to the Reds’ current struggles.

The black and yellow won back to back titles in the Bundesliga under Klopp around the start of the last decade whilst they also made the Champions League final in 2012/13.

However, towards the end of his tenure they went through a real patch of poor results and, though the second half of the season was better, it sparked Klopp’s decision to walk away from BVB soon after.

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Naturally, then, he was asked in his pre-Fulham press conference about any comparisons with what’s going on at Liverpool and he had this to say:

“Look it’s clear – I’m Jurgen Klopp, I was at Dortmund and I had a situation there after a very successful spell. It’s not that easy, and not even close to the situation at Dortmund. The situation at Dortmund wasn’t half as – I’m not sure better, but from an injury point of view – not as half as bad as we’ve had it here but [at Dortmund] much less points after the first part of the season.

“The difference was we had injuries and it was a reason and it was at the first stage of the season [which] was similar [to how it is now at LFC]. The second part of the season – they [the players] all came back with the winter break. I knew after the last game before the winter break, and the first training session for the second half of the season, was that all of the players were going to be back.

“It was a completely different situation because nobody – pretty much nobody – comes back here [at LFC]. That’s not a problem but you just can’t compare it [both situations] because you have to find solutions and it doesn’t stop.

“It’s like [lots of continuous changes] and you have to change because things don’t work. You can’t say ‘Come on…Let it be like this’ or whatever, we work on it. It’s not that easy – a situation like this. You can’t just pull out the book you wrote all your notes in from 7/8 years ago and say ‘That’s what we can do’.

“The only thing you can do is to work as hard as you can, to fight as much as you can, to play as good as you can to win football games because that changes everything.”


It’s obvious that comparisons were always going to be drawn between the Reds’ recent struggles and Dortmund’s issues towards the end of the Klopp era at BVB.

However, he makes a good point of how things are different with the injury issues at Liverpool seemingly never ending.

Let’s just hope the Reds can get through this current period with no further setbacks and get back to full strength, or near to it, as soon as possible.

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