Sports journalist Alex Miller has gone on record on Thursday morning to suggest that the chances of Raheem Sterling returning to Liverpool have increased after he recently parted ways with his agent, in what is a bold claim for obvious reasons.

Sterling left Liverpool at the end of the 2014/15 season to head to Manchester City, with many supporters to this day giving him grief over that transfer whenever he comes up against the Reds.

However, this summer there have been some surprising murmurings that he could head back to Merseyside with Alex Miller suggesting a source of his has said it is, on paper at least, possible:

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Perhaps Miller is right and the chances have increased of Sterling returning to Anfield but, even so, it is really hard to see it happening.

He, unfortunately, burned a lot of bridges with a lot of Liverpool fans, and, whilst some would like to see him back, there’ll also be large swathes that would probably prefer that he didn’t return.

Are Manchester City going to sell to their main rivals for next season’s title, too? That is quite hard to convince yourself into believing as well.

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