In 2005, Liverpool met Chelsea in the Champions League semi-finals.

The first leg at Stamford Bridge finished 0-0, meaning that both sides entered the second leg with everything to play for.

Liverpool forward Luis Garcia gave his side a 1-0 lead three minutes into the match. According to the officials on the night, Garcia’s shot just cleared the goal line.

However, Jose Mourinho, who was the manager of Chelsea at the time, is adamant that Blues defender William Gallas cleared the ball before it had the opportunity to cross the goal line.

Mourinho believes that had VAR been available back in 2005, the goal would not have stood.

“It was against Liverpool with a goal that today the VAR would not have conceded,” Mourinho told the Mirror.

Garcia’s goal secured Liverpool a 1-0 victory and a place in the 2005 Champions League final.

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Mourinho can say whatever he likes. The reality is, had the goal not been given, Liverpool potentially could have been awarded a penalty anyway.

Moments before Garcia got his shot away, Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech brought Liverpool forward Milan Baros down in the penalty area.

As it was just Baros against Cech, the goalkeeper could have also received a red card. That is because Cech denied Baros the opportunity to score a goal.

However, as Garcia scored directly after the aforementioned incident, Cech’s reckless moment appeared to have been forgotten.

All of what we have explained can be seen in the footage above. If the penalty and red card were given, Liverpool could have gone a goal up and been playing against 10 men.

Liverpool journalist Neil Jones believes that Cech “probably” would have been sent off had a penalty been given. We aren’t the only ones to think it.

With that being the case, we don’t believe Mourinho should be complaining.

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