Jamie Carragher urges Liverpool to remain calm after going eight points clear of Manchester City last week with 30 games of the season still to go.

Pep Guardiola’s side have been below par this season as their defence has struggled to cope with the attacks of the sides they’ve faced after losing Aymeric Laporte to injury.

As a result, Liverpool have managed to streak eight points clear after just eight points this season and will look to capitalise on any further slip-ups in the next few weeks.

But with the Reds facing City at Anfield in exactly a month’s time, for which you can bet on here with the Best Sports Betting Odds In USA, Klopp and his players will be desperate not to get carried away.

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Speaking to Jason Cundy and Andy Goldstein, Carra said: “I think what we are seeing with Man City now is they are being affected by injuries now in the same position and that’s a problem for them.

“You may actually think it would hurt Liverpool more if they injuries because, as I said, they don’t quite the squad City have but to be fair, Man City have problems where they are weakest, at centre-back, in terms of numbers and quality.

“But there is no doubt a big injury to a big Liverpool player will severely hamper them. So that’s why I don’t think anyone really at Liverpool is getting too carried away.

Sadio Mane.

“It is a great position to be in, there’s no doubt, and if you didn’t say that you would be a liar. And what Liverpool have to do is capitalise as much.

“And not just not think eight points is a great lead; try and make it 10, make it 12, if possible. Especially while City have problems at the back, like having Laporte out.

“Because there is no doubt that when Laporte is back and City back on their feet, they’re a team capable of doing exactly what Liverpool are doing and going and winning 17, 18 games.”

Aymeric Laporte.

Liverpool could make it an 11-point gap if they beat Manchester City at Anfield but they could just as easily see their lead cut to five points with over 25 games to go if they’re not careful.

That’s not taking into account any other defeats or draws they could be subjected to before they face City with Manchester United the Reds’ first test after the international break.

One thing is clear: the Premier League title race is nowhere near being close to over.

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