Former Red Jamie Carragher has stated that he could have won a Premier League title at Liverpool had the club been “bankrolled by a country” in a reference to Manchester City’s affiliation with Abu Dhabi’s royal family.

Despite not winning a league title with Liverpool, Carragher still won an array of trophies for the club, with the most notable being the UEFA Champions League.

However, there is no denying he would have loved to have won a league title with the club, but it was not meant to be.

The topic regarding Carragher never winning a league title during his career popped up when Chief Manchester City writer at the Manchester Evening News, Stuart Brennan, disagreed with Carragher’s view in terms of Liverpool’s transfer business under Jurgen Klopp.

Carragher stated that Liverpool are not buying superstars, they’re making them. Brennan disagreed, but Carragher was quick to respond.

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Carragher is right. Had Manchester City’s owners ever taken over when he was playing at Liverpool, he would have won a league title.

Sure, Liverpool have spent some money within the Premier League era, but never to the extent that Manchester City have within one single transfer window. The Citizens, especially recently, spend massive amounts every summer.

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  1. Alphonso

    That’s why Carragher is not liked as a pundit by anyone other than Liverpudlian reds. He cannot manage to be objective with his level of rose tinted viewpoint and tends to shoot from the hip, or spit in reflex reaction, rather than debate sensibly. That exchange with Stuart Brennan is a prime example. The sort of slant and insulting jibe that he uses is what is expected from fans, but people paid huge sums of our money which comes from the TV licence and/or SKY/BT subscriptions should be held to much higher standards.


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