Michael Owen made 297 appearances for Liverpool Football Club. The striker scored a total of 158 goals for the Reds.

Despite the fact that Owen had history at Liverpool, the striker eventually ended up signing for Manchester United back in 2009.

Many Liverpool supporters have not forgiven Owen for signing for the club’s biggest rival.

In fact, Owen has stated that it has been painful going back to Anfield over the years because he is often reminded by the Liverpool supporters that he signed for the Red Devils.

“It has been painful going back to Anfield. Crying in the players’ lounge and hoping nobody sees. It has been torture for a long time,” Owen told Jamie Carragher’s podcast last year.

“It is like splitting up with your wife. I can only blame myself, I said yes to Real Madrid. I still love Liverpool. Different to [Carragher], you are still at that club being idolised. I was you.

“And yet there is a polarised opinion because of me thinking I will go away for a year and all of a sudden it is all ruined.

“If I am walking along the Kop, they’re saying ‘you Manc’ or whatever and I have got to live with that. It has killed me for ages and the wound will never go.”

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Owen claimed the Premier League title in 2011 with Manchester United. However, in doing so, he lost the respect of many Liverpool supporters.

With that being the case, winning a Premier League title with Manchester United was probably not worth it.

We believe that Owen underestimated what signing for Manchester United would do to his Liverpool reputation.

If Owen had his time again, it would be interesting to see what decision he would make.

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