Although according to some researchers, soccer started in Asia, one of the continents that had more influence in its practice was Europe and that is why it is known as the cradle of this sport that has become the favourite of most people worldwide, besides being one of the most practiced. 

In the schools of Great Britain, it is where this sport was consecrated when transforming it from being a practice of rough contact and even dangerous without any code that regulated it, into a game more of strategy and tactics, obtaining its regularisation. In the same period, the rules that supported its practice were created.

Sadio Mane.

Since its practice was banned in some cities in Italy due to the boom it had and the way it was played, soccer was established in England, until one of the first leagues in Europe was founded and from there it was expanded to Spain and Germany where some of the clubs that currently remain as the most important in the continent were founded.

The highest entity of soccer in Europe is the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) from which several competitions of great importance arise, among which they stand out: UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, European Super League and, at the national level, the Euro Cup. The most important leagues are: BBVA Spain league, England Premier League, Germany Bundesliga, Italy Series A and Ligue 1 France League 1.

The practice of soccer spread from Europe to other continents, such is the case of the Americas, which got to know it in the second half of the 19th century, thanks to the immigrants and sailors who went on the expeditions.

Later, it opened up to Africa, although specific records of its origin are not known. The debut of an African country in a professional competition was in the II World Cup in 1934. However, what is notorious is the quality of the African player. So much so that many media report that a large percentage of the players in the European league are natives of Africa.

(180105) — ACCRA, Jan. 5, 2018 (Xinhua) — Mohamed Salah of Egypt attends the Confederation of African Football awards ceremony in Accra, Ghana, Jan. 4, 2018. Salah received the African Player of the Year award. (Xinhua/Shi Song)

Currently, the teams that make up soccer in Europe are among the best in the world. This is reflected in the FIFA ranking and also has fans not only in that continent but outside it.

Since soccer began on the European continent, betting began informally between two or more people at a soccer game and each predicted that their team would be the winner.

Given the boom that it had at an economic level and that people realised that it could be used as a means to generate income, it was wanted to be done in a formal way and, as a consequence, sports-books were born. Later, with the technological innovations, online betting was born, which offers more practicality.

These online platforms have become more specialised and offer new services every day. For example, you can consult the reviews, the predictions and check the results of the football matches and other sports. There are companies that offer these predictions for free and others charge for the guarantee they provide. In either case, it is a method that, if you wish, you can take advantage of since it will help you choose your bet.

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