Danny Murphy told talkSPORT that Trent Alexander-Arnold is the best crosser of the ball he’s seen since David Beckham played in the Premier League.

The Scouser wasted no time as he secured his first assist of the season with his cross to Divock Origi which the Belgian headered past Tim Krul in the first half of the Premier League opener.

He assisted 13 goals last season, the highest tally for a fullback in Premier League history and being just 20 years of age, he has plenty of time to continue developing into a world-class player.

trent alexander-arnold

Murphy told talkSPORT: “Trent’s display of passing and technical ability that we’ve not seen in a full-back for many, many years. Trent, for me, is as good a crosser of the ball I’ve seen since David Beckham.

“His technical ability, his passing ability is very unusual for a full-back, normally it’s a midfielder who possess those types of qualities. He’s a scouser living the dream and he’s technically superb.”

Trent was a vital component in the Liverpool machine that romped to a sixth European Cup in June and the West Derby youngster will be hoping to win more silverware this season.

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