Danny Murphy told talkSPORT that Pep Guardiola’s criticism of Sadio Mane isn’t ‘sensible’ and says his form is the reason Liverpool are six points clear of Manchester City.

Guardiola made comments about the former Saints forward suggesting that he is a diver and Murphy has since come to his aid.

“I was surprised. Mane’s form is why Liverpool are six points clear. He’s been phenomenal. He’d [Guardiola] be better being more sensible.”

The Reds will host the Premier League champions at Anfield this weekend in a clash that has all the hallmarks of an all-time classic. Both sides have unbelievable talent and with so much on the line, both managers will be desperate to come out on top.

Jurgen Klopp Pep Guardiola

The Blues came out on top last season, beating Liverpool at the Etihad after they missed the chance to win the previous fixture at Anfield when Riyad Mahrez blasted his 85th-minute spot-kick into Row Z.

Liverpool have improved a lot since that game and have been transformed into ‘mentality monsters’ by Jurgen Klopp as evidenced by the fact that the Merseysiders have now scored the most stoppage-time goals in Premier League history.

Klopp will be hoping that such dramatics will not be necessary on Sunday but if a Liverpool player does happen to score a 90th-minute winner you best believe that Anfield will absolutely explode.

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