According to Nacion Futbolera, Barcelona want to sign Virgil van Dijk to build the world’s best central defensive partnership.

Since Liverpool signed van Dijk, they have become one of the best teams in Europe and while the likes of Alisson and Fabinho have also been recruited, the Dutchman has been the most influential player at the club.

It would appear as though Barcelona want van Dijk after his exploits earned him a Champions League winners’ medal at Lionel Messi’s expense last season.

According to reports from Spain, Jose Bartomeu, Ernesto Valverde and Messi have all agreed that what is needed for the Catalonians to succeed in Europe is van Dijk.

While Barcelona might want to sign Liverpool’s prized asset, there are two factors that will see the Dutchman stay on Merseyside. Firstly, the Reds are in a much better position financially and in a football sense when compared to Barcelona.

Secondly, a clause in the deal to sell Philippe Coutinho to Barca means that if the Catalonians want to sign a Liverpool player they have to pay the Reds’ valuation of that player plus an £89million premium on top of that.

Signing van Dijk before the summer of 2021 would cost Barcelona at least £189m which is certainly out of their price range.

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    • Leo

      So exactly, how many careers Little Leo wants to destroy in his service?
      Go fcuk yourself bithc

  1. Russell

    These posts make me laugh, messi wants van dijk, who bloody doesn’t…😂😂

    Then the days where Barca get who want are coming to an end as the EPL is getting to big for them, especially when your talking about the 6 time European champs.

    Also how many more years has messi got left in the tank, maybe he should try n prove himself playing in other leagues first hay…food for thought.

  2. Lee dent

    Nice one 👍to true 😁 Messi!!! He should be thinking about coming to Liverpool not the other way,bloody muppet, none of our players want to step down 😁


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