Pundit Andy Gray believes that Liverpool forward Mohamed Salah could eventually depart Anfield.

Gray also believes that Liverpool winger Sadio Mane could leave the club at some stage. Gray said that if Salah left the club, Mane would more than likely follow.

Gray suggested that players like Salah and Mane “desperately” want to play for the likes of Real Madrid or Barcelona.

It is impossible to predict the future. However, both Salah and Mane have no reason to depart Liverpool.

They are both currently playing in a team that just won the Premier League title. It is also worth mentioning that Liverpool have played in the last two Champions League finals.

Right now, it would be fair to say that Liverpool are giving both Salah and Mane every opportunity to fulfill their dreams.

If Liverpool can continue competing for the major trophies in club football, they should be able to keep both Salah and Mane happy.

There has been no news to suggest that Liverpool will be losing either Salah or Mane.

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