Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain made a 10-year-old Burnley fan’s week after he got a football signed by the entire squad to give to the young Clarets supporter before taking a photo with him.

The Liverpool midfielder spotted Josh McLean, 10, crying his eyes out after full time at Turf Moor two weeks ago and made his way over to find out why the young Burnley fan was so distraught.

His dad Nathan told Chamberlain that his son had been ‘pushed out’ while waiting for photos from the players following the game.

Chamberlain then disappeared into the Liverpool bus and soon emerged with a ball signed by ‘pretty much the whole squad’ before getting a few of the Reds players to come out and take a photo with Josh.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Roberto Firmino.

He didn’t need to do what he did but it’s great to regularly see that the players that are plying their trade at Anfield aren’t mindless mercenaries but are sensitive to supporters’ plight.

Josh was a Burnley fan but there’s a chance he will forever have Liverpool close to his heart after Chamberlain’s kindhearted gesture. The midfielder didn’t even get to start the game and only played for 20 minutes but his biggest impact at Burnley came off the pitch.

Liverpool’s next game in the Premier League is against Newcastle United at Anfield before they travel to Naples for a Champions League group stage clash on Tuesday next week.

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